sobota 14. června 2014

And Now We Are Five!

Our baby was born on Monday morning. Her name is Lea and she was perfect head to toes.

It was one of the hottest nights so far and we couldn't believe it's really happening because we were told once in a birth preparation class that babies are not born in the heat. I would say that babies are born when they feel the time is right - Lea came the first night ever, when both our kids had a sleepover at friends and me and Alex were home alone! She knew she doesn't have time to waste and took just 3,5 hours to meet us. The hospital  is just about 2 minutes from our door, but to get there was a nice adventure. It was a night before a national holiday and all the little pubs on the way including the sidewaks in front of them were full of happy young people enjoing themselvs with a bottle of beer.  Oh, how I wanted a cold beer at that point, but no one offered me a sip :)

So, here she is:

with her father, 

with her mother,

with her sister and brother

and with her grandma and grandpa.

Lea Alexandra, born 9.6.2014 at 2:00 am in a super friendly birth center at Sachsenhausen Krankenhaus with an energetic midwife Susanne Stiegler, who was our company since the evening and who brought us home just 2 hours after the labour.
Thank you everyone, it was perfect!

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  1. Pohlazení do života malé Lee ... ať se jí lehce je ...

  2. Krása! :) Miminko je vždycky zázrak. Moc blahopřeju k nádherné holčičce a přeju všechno dobré vaší rodince!